Our Wedding Date: June 27, 2015

Wedding Party

  • Elizabeth (Bits) Rovira

    Maid of Honor - Aspen, CO

    My little sister and my constant reminder to live in the moment.  She is always full of smiles and energy and shows me how to find joy in life’s challenges and wonderful moments.  We have always been protective of each other.  Usually, I tried to stop her from climbing off of cliffs or to reel in her enthusiasm for ‘safety’s sake.’  She looks out for me by making sure I stand up for myself and do the things that I find scary but she deems ‘good for me.’  In this light, it makes perfect sense that Nick knew the first person he needed to ask for permission to marry me was Bits!  He took her skiing and asked what she thought – she asked her requisite questions to make sure he was good enough for her big sister… then said it was OK.

  • Kristen Lahey

    Bridesmaid - San Francisco, CA

    My first memory of Kristen is when she joined the RACE swim team – she had a sprained ankle to complain about and was quite vocal – I thought she was really annoying!  I learned to love the chatter, jokes and laughs and as we trained together we became fierce competitors and unconditional friends.  Our swim coach asked us once: “how do you train like that, push each other in the pool, and then still be best friends out of the water?”  Well it worked out – we competed together at Olympic Trials and then enjoyed racing on rival PAC-10 swim teams in college – and agree that the secret to fast swimming is ice cream!  After college, we took the gelato tour of Europe together – 5 weeks with bus passes, hostels and great memories.  I know I can always count on Kristen to give me a countdown to her birthday, to join me baking pies or cakes or cookies, and to be the ‘it’s like we were never apart’ friend.

  • Sarah Allexan

    Bridesmaid - Denver, CO

    Med school study buddy and best friend.  Sarah has garnered the endearing nicknames of “WebMD” and “Snarks” in recognition of her passion for understanding all details of a medical diagnosis and her knack for snarky comments.  She has become my running buddy, confidant and mountain adventure pal.  We enjoyed the adrenaline rush of following Nick down Hole-in-the-Wall for the first time (one of the most technical ski routes at Winter Park) – and both lived to tell about it!  Sarah is one of the few people I know who will be in the neighborhood and stop by just to say hi when we haven’t seen each other for too long – always a welcome surprise visit.  She is the first person I want to call with exciting clinical experiences and I’m so excited to be traveling through med school and life with someone so beautifully curious and enthusiastic. 

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  • Brooke Bishop

    Bridesmaid - San Francisco, CA

    I met Brooke as a recruit for the Stanford Swim Team.  A year older, she was the all-knowing Stanford student who showed me why this would be the school for me – I found out the next year that my recruiting trip happened before they had even started classes so they were making everything up!  Brooke and I lived together for two years during our Stanford career and spent hours in the pool racing in the sprint group.  During our time at Stanford, we went skiing at Tahoe, won a nine-mile relay race swimming from Lanai to Maui and we mastered the art of 80’s costume party dress.  In my experience, Brooke is never one to turn down an adventure or challenge – I am looking forward to future ski trips and wild times together.

  • Alicia Bechard

    Bridesmaid - Delta, CO

    One of the first times I met Alicia, we loaded a couch into the back of Justin’s (Nick’s best man) truck and went to see “Dark Night” at a drive in, outdoor theater in Ft. Collins.  We watched, laughed and questioned the boys’ engineering as they propped up the couch in the truck bed to ensure we had a good view of the screen.  Since then, I have had the joy of spending more time with Alicia as a bridesmaid in her wedding.  Each time we go to dinner we travel to a new country – so far, we have been to Thailand, Ethiopia, Texas and Brazil.  I’m so excited that Alicia is moving back to Colorado after a year in Moscow, KS – not only do we have a lot more ‘traveling’ to do, there are certainly more laughs to be had as we both journey into our married lives.

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  • Claire Machado

    Bridesmaid - Seattle, WA

    Nick's little sister who I am so lucky to be adding to the growing list of sisters in my life.  She is one of the most driven women I know and will always find a way to accomplish her goal.  I am inspired by her vision for life and her ability to create the life of which she dreams.  Claire is the most amazing snowboarder I have ever skied with - I just hope she waits for me at the bottom of the run after racing Nick down the hill.  We will know where she is on our big day by listening for her beautiful laugh.

  • Justin Bechard

    Best Man - Delta, CO

    I've known Justin for what seems like forever. We grew up best friends through high school; blowing up anything that would blow up and "engineering" rocket cars. Even though we went to college in separate states, we've always kept in touch and when we hang out, it's like no time has gone by. If you're wondering who Justin is, he's the guy with the massive ears.

  • Eric Newton

    Best Man - San Diego, CA

    Eric was my college roommate for 2 years. We actually met by chance while looking for housing at the end of sophomore year; his group of 3 was one of two remaining groups of 3 that my group could join up with. He had this super long hair and a beastly goatee and I was sure I was moving in with a death-metal rocker. We ended up becoming great friends after many nights of shenanigans and I'm currently working on getting him to move to Colorado.

  • Eirik Ravnan

    Groomsman - Norway

    Eirik is the Norwegian. We met at Stanford Swimming's training camp in Baton Rouge, Louisiana right before the start of freshman year of college. We became great friends almost instantly through that bonding experience. I lived with Eirik for most of my college years and somehow he managed to go to bed at 9 almost every night! It sure seemed to work for him though because he absolutely rocked the swimming and triathlons he competed in throughout college.

  • Nat Carruthers

    Groomsman - Boulder, CO

    Nat is the crazy (slightly) older swimming friend that I've known since high school. We became great friends during the summers of swimming together.  After my freshman year of college, I had a GINORMOUS swimming parka and, at a summer sectionals meet, we both managed to fit in it. Our great ideas didn't end there though, we also made sure to have multiple great nights of debauchery wandering around Denver in a not quite clear-minded state.

  • Stacy Kaufman

    Groomsmaid - Palo Alto, CA

    Stacy and I became great friends and project partners throughout our time at Stanford.  Without Stacy’s sanity and humor, I likely wouldn’t have passed several classes. The twitter account that we created to quote a certain professor gathered a strong following once word got out amongst our classmates – and made for some good laughs.  Our final project together was building a rocket, and she was the motherly one leading us into the formal presentation, wearing handmade T-shirts reading: “I’m a rocket scientist”.  Stacy is an awesome tennis player and although I’ve challenged her to play several times, I’m pretty sure she views me as below her level…I may start working on my game so she might want to watch out.

  • Landon Machado

    Groomsman - Seattle, WA

    Landon is my newest brother (in-law) and the only one I will be getting! They say you gotta love family... well this guy makes it easy. Landon and I have enjoyed skiing together as he got to know my family through my sister and I can say we're glad to have him. He's a very fun and easy going guy and I'm looking forward to future brotherly activities.